February 2019 Tour

Hello! This February The Katet are back in action working up yet more new material and hitting up a handful of venues across the central belt. As you may or may not be aware, we’re in the middle of a lengthy campaign to learn and rehearse our brand new album in its entirety.

The album, ALASKA, was mostly written and arranged on board the Star Princess cruise ship at the beginning of 2017. Half the songs are inspired by my experiences travelling the world with my new wife in Feb 2016, and the other half are based on shiplife, what happened at sea, and how it all affected me.

Needless to stay its an exciting and honest album and we can’t wait to record it. I’ll no doubt be in touch at the beginning of next year asking for everyone’s kind support as we embark on another PledgeMusic campaign to make the thing a reality. 

In the meantime, if you’re in the neighbourhood, come check out our progress this coming Feb at one of the venues above. The band is loving the new material and sounding tighter and more energetic than it has done in a while.

Also, we’ve got some cool announcements to make in the coming weeks about a special string of gigs at next year’s Fringe Festival.

Watch this space….

Folks. Thanks a lot for your continued support and we’ll hopefully see you soon. Mx