Mike Kearney’s Suggesture 101 – Episode 6: The Fork

Fork 1

As mentioned in the previous blog, we’ve had many, many signals and it’s a case of trial and error to see which ones survive. If they work, they work. If they don’t, they don’t. When i’m devising signals in my head at home, the idea may seem to have some weight but, practically, when put in front of the band, it fails. There are seven or eight other thought processes to consider, seven or eight other creative minds. If a signal works with a few players but not all, then it won’t work universally, therefore it’s not right for the system.

I’m very proud of what Suggesture has grown into and it wouldn’t exist without the players in The Katet, and in particular, their feedback. If a signal doesn’t work its usually the players who can tell you why and therefore inform you how to move forward. If a signal does work, it’ll be these players that turn the concept into music. It’s a wonderful thing to watch and be a part of, and the nature of Suggesture means that we can always work together to create new concepts, ideas, signals and suggestions. Therefore, the music that we make will constantly change and evolve.

The Fork is one of my favourite suggestions, not only because of its simplicity and immediate effectiveness, but because of the dimensions. One can treat it as a rhythmic device, but you can go a little deeper and use it melodically. Once you have your simple riff, you can then maniuplate this riff in many different ways using other suggestions and before you know it you have an extended and intricate groove. All of it coming from the position of four fingers. The Fork is a great amabassador for how Suggesture can and should be used. Enjoy the video!